Durable, versatile and more affordable than other oral procedures, lumineers correct alignment issues with the teeth. People of all ages use lumineers, although especially popular with teens. The advantages that teeth lumineers long beach offer over other procedures attracts users. Advantages of lumineers include:

·    Little to No Tooth Reduction: Procedures like veneers often require the dentist reduce the size of the teeth to add the product. That isn’t required when using lumineers.

teeth lumineers long beach

·    Affordable: Dental procedures aren’t exactly what anyone would call cheap, even if you are covered with dental insurance. Lumineers, however, cost considerably less than many other procedures, giving patients even more reason to smile.

·    Long-lasting: We want dental products that last. This protects our smile and wallets. Lumineers give patients the long-lasting value they want and need in an affordable product.

·    Easy Care: Lumineers offer long-lasting value in an easy-to-care for product. Lumineers are stain-resistant and designed to be comfortable inside the mouth. They even come out of the mouth so you can eat the foods that you want and love.

·    Versatile: The versatility the lumineers offer make them even more attractive. This gives more people the option to use lumineers since they can improve and treat many oral health concerns and conditions.

·    Safe: There is no downtime associated with the lumineers procedure so you can immediately return to normal activities. They’re also safe so you can sleep well at night without dental fears and worry.

·    I Love Your Smile: A great smile improves confidence and self-esteem. You get both when using lumineers to correct oral health concerns. Ready to say “I love my smile”?

Talk to your dentist about lumineers if you’re unhappy with your smile due to alignment and/or spacing issues. Lumineers may very well offer the perfect solution for a great smile for anyone ready for change and improvement.