There is nothing worse than an insect infestation – the creepy, crawly creatures running around in your home, your yard and just taking over your life.  For many people, just the thought of these creatures running around your home where you aren’t looking just makes your skin crawl.

The next thing is to have them attack you or invade your space while you are outside.  Insects such as mosquitoes and ticks hide in the shadows just waiting to attack. And when they do, they are silent and covert that you don’t even know you were bitten until it is too late.  This is why many people spend countless time and dollars on trying to fight these creatures.  For many, mosquito control in Wausau is a task they take very seriously.


The first line of defense is to spray poison all over the place.  The thought behind this is that if you spray enough poison, you will kill off all the insects and they will leave you alone.  This is a good theory but is it flawed in many ways.  First off, you don’t know the strength of the poison and its effectiveness.  Also, insects are smart creatures and they are learning to adapt to the poison both in its effectiveness on their bodies as well as its ability to reach eggs for future generations.

Another issue with spray is that many of them are toxic.  When we spray these sprays around they can get into our grass, water and other areas which in turn allows them to become ingested into our bodies causing us to have issues.

Destroy habitat

mosquito control in Wausau

The next step is to destroy their habitat.  How this works is we will go in and remove water sources and tall grasses where they live.  This is also a good thing to do on the surface but could have long term effects as well.  When we destroy a habitat for one creature we are also destroying it for countless others.