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Acne Treatment & Medicine Information About Acne Products & Medications. Find Natural Acne prevention Solutions For Adult Acne Scars, Zits, & Blackheads

If you're suffering from breakouts of zits, pimples or acne cysts and rosacea, then our website resources will help you discover most of the available natural and medicinal acne treatments available. For those of you using or considering use of accutane beware that this may have some undesirable side effects you may want to consider.

Acne can be a blight on your entire life. It is a disfiguring and disheartening skin disorder that can keep you from living your life in the manner that you should. Millions and millions of people spend their lives alone and with few friends because they do not want to be seen by other people. This is no way to live, life is short and you people should be out there enjoying it not inside hiding.

There are so many different treatments for acne that it can be very difficult to find a method that will work for you. Where are you supposed to start? This is a common question among acne sufferers. You need to start by finding out what causes acne. Once you know what is happening to your skin you will be better able to deal with it.

Over 17 million Americans suffer from acne and the vast majority of them are between 12 and 24 years old. A human body contains many sebaceous glands underneath the skin. These glands secrete and oil type of substance and sometimes this oil thickens and clogs your pores. These plugs cause your pores to get plugged and inflamed. This inflammation leads to infection from bacteria. If these pores get too infectious it can lead to serious scarring. There are different kinds of acne infections. The comedo is a lesion that forms on the skin due to infection. If it is a closed comedo it will be considered a whitehead if it is a closed comedo it will be a blackhead. Papules are a different kind of comedo, they do not get red or swollen, instead they give the skin the appearance of being rough, like sandpaper. And last but not least a pustule is a lesion that is filled with pus. These often lead to cysts or nodules and these leave the most significant scars.


Facial acne is not the only acne that people can be prone to. Other parts of the body such as the neck, chest and back can have severe outbreaks as well. Areas such as the back and chest can be extremely hard to treat. The skin on the back is nothing at all like that of the face. It is thick and much more oily. This can make treating your back acne very hard to treat. There are many different ways to treat acne of all types. Topical treatments are generally the first line of defense. Keeping your skin cleansed is imperative to keeping your acne at bay. It is not dirt or sanitation that causes acne but keeping the oil levels of your skin down is what will keep your skin clear. Many people's skin is simply prone to acne. This means that it will keep coming back a soon as topical treatments stop. If this is your skin you will want to choose systems like Zenmed and Proactiv. This is a three step program that is made up of a cleanser, toner and repairing lotion. Proactive has done wonders for millions of people including Jessica Simpson and Sean Combs.


Once various topical treatments have been tried and they have not worked your doctor or dermatologist may prescribe you antibiotics. Drugs like tetracycline have worked for decades to clear up moderate to severe acne. Tetracycline will take away the redness and the swelling involved with acne. The trouble with tetracycline and other antibiotics is that it can take many moths for there to be any visible different in the skin. One of the harsh side effects is that tetracycline can stain your teeth brown or grey. This kind of staining is next to impossible to get rid of. Another unpleasant side effect of tetracycline treatment is that it kills not only the bacteria in your skin it will also kill the important bacteria that your body needs to function properly. This can lead secondary infections and various intestinal problems.


If nothing seems to work for your skin the doctor may decide to prescribe you accutane. Accutane is always the last line of defense against severe acne. This is another oral drug that will have to be taken for several months before it starts to work. This drug is the last line of defense for a reason, it has several serious side effects. Before you decide to take this drug make sure that you talk to your doctor about all of the side effects that might affect you. Women may be able to take birth control pills in order to control their acne outbreaks. The estrogen that they contain can go along way to keep acne from breaking out all over the body. There are also some home remedies that you may want to try. Ingredients like chamomile, lavender and dandelion root can be used to lessen the inflammation of acne. These can be mixed with other things to make pates and masks. This can be a significant factor in clearing your skin once and for all.


If you suffer from acne, it does not matter where, you should never pick at the pimples. Picking at them will only increase the chances of serious scarring. These lesions are already infected and human hands are filthy things. If you pick at the lesions you will only add to the bacteria. Acne is a terrible disorder to have to deal with and unfortunately this does not keep it at bay. For most people treatment of some sort is necessary. The level of the treatment is wholly dependant on your acne and your skin. What works on some people does not work on everyone. It may take some time to find the treatment that is just right for your skin type. As long as you try to deal with it you will find a way to treat your acne skin disorder.

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